Helping Children, Families
and Neighborhoods Thrive



Danville is our home.

Many neighbors have lived here their entire lives. Others have moved here to be closer to family, a job, or to get a new start. Regardless of how we all got here, this is our community. North Danville, Southside, and Westside: these are our neighborhoods.

There are great people and things happening all around us every day, but we also know there are opportunities to make things better.

And we can’t do it alone.


Residents have shared their desires to:

Increase communication channels, relationships, and networks between the three neighborhoods and the organizations and systems they operate within in order to create mutual benefits that support workforce strategies and wealth building.

Give young people more opportunities to connect with their community, stay engaged, and have experiences that shape their futures through quality education and meaningful extracurricular activities.

Build from and expand on trusted partnerships and what has already worked for their neighborhoods.

(Re)build trust with organizations and systems that have historically neglected Danville’s Opportunity Neighborhoods in order to give more people the ability to succeed by strengthening leadership and civic engagement.