Helping Children, Families
and Neighborhoods Thrive


Action Plans


Goal 1: All Properties are Well-Maintained

  • Make home ownership, renovation/trade skills, rehabilitation, and advocacy trainings easily accessible for residents, including youth.
  • Identify local and state government resources that will help demolish abandoned houses and repurpose vacant spaces.
  • Share homeownership information (like knowing when a home is built) and make it readily available.
  • Create more public art in the neighborhood.


Goal 2: All Children in North Danville Graduate from High School Equipped to Follow Their Passions

  • Develop mentorship and programs that connect young people with other community members to build on local knowledge and skills.
  • Create specific spaces and programs that are designated as good learning environments.
  • Increase the number of college prep courses for the neighborhood youth, starting in middle school.
  • Create training facilities, programs, and communication channels that enable face-to-face connections between schools and parents.


Goal 3: North Danville is a Clean and Safe Community

  • Create more opportunities for law enforcement and residents, including children, to build relationships and partner with each other.
  • Improve lighting, create more sidewalks, and slow traffic throughout North Danville.
  • Develop a more formal way, like a resident-led task force, for residents to stay involved in their community’s cleanliness, beautification, and safety.
  • Create a resident informed branding campaign and more beautification projects across the neighborhood.


Goal 4: Many Diverse, Youth-Oriented Activities are Located in North Danville

  • Develop youth mentoring programs that focus on the neighborhood’s history and cultural grounding.
  • Increase access to parks and play spaces, programs, and infrastructure that reflect the priorities of North Danville’s youth and include activities for parents.
  • Recruit new volunteers—from within and outside of the neighborhood—who work directly with youth.
  • Increase the availability of leadership development programs in North Danville.


Goal 5: All North Danville Residents are Able to Support Their Families and / or are Financially Stable

  • Support a living wage for residents, and include benefits that incentivize healthy options and insurance for all employees.
  • Develop or bring more financial and job training programs into North Danville.
  • Create incentives for businesses that support a living wage to (re) locate in North Danville.
  • Establish and promote vocational incentive programs at Danville Community College to increase work-based skills and education.