Helping Children, Families
and Neighborhoods Thrive


Action Plans

Goal 1: All Children Graduate from High School Equipped to Follow Their Passions

Create programs for parents that include opportunities for shared learning to increase their engaged involvement.

Magnify specific spaces and programs that are designated as creative, safe, and fun learning environments.

Create more accessible communication channels between parents and schools/teachers.

Establish scholarship programs specifically for children in the Westside area.

Expand or develop mentorship program(s) that connect youth with others from the community.


Goal 2: There are Established Career-Readiness Opportunities for Youth

Create a program that exposes young people to different sectors and creates pathways to new relationships with mentors.

Expose residents and youth to local businesses’ services, discuss the skill sets needed, and create apprenticeships and networking opportunities.

Expand / sustain existing job creation programs and create other career development initiatives that focus on skill development, vocational careers, and career advancement.

Local nonprofits, for-profits, and government create or enhance their focus on youth from Westside.


Goal 3: All Properties are Well-Maintained

Create clearer understanding and transparency around home ownership and neighbors’ ability to advocate for better management of blighted properties.

Expand and increase accessibility to home ownership, renovation, and advocacy trainings for residents.

Hold property owners accountable and create opportunities for them to support each other to keep the neighborhood beautiful.

Repurpose vacant spaces (for example, with community gardens).

Create more public art in the neighborhood.


Goal 4: There are Many Diverse, Youth-Oriented Activities

Focus programming for youth (both boys and girls) in ways that reflect their needs and desires (like entrepreneurship, robotics, martial arts, a variety of sports, trade, coding, drama, dance, fashion, food, etc.).

Develop programs for youth that focus on the neighborhood’s history and cultural grounding.

Increase access to parks and play spaces, develop programs / infrastructure that reflect the desires of Westside youth, and include activities for parents.

Organize neighborhood-based events for children.


Goal 5: There are Diverse Opportunities for and Activities that Support Healthy Living

Expand reliable transportation options that connect to living-wage jobs.

Create places in Westside for information about healthcare, prevention, and other health-related issues.

Create more community gardens and increase access to healthy food options.

Create more home health care options that allow residents to age in place, and develop training for residents that focuses on aging.

Increase opportunities to be active for people of all ages and abilities.